Monday, April 20, 2015

I want to do an extended comment on three people’s blog posts, Noah’s, Kaileen’s, and Josh’s.  I want to start first off by saying great job to all of you guys!!

Noah- I completely agree with your whole last paragraph, I do not feel prepared for the real world at all!  “They say high school trains you for the real world but it doesn’t.” (Noah)  All it does is teach you how to remember things.  I personally believe that college can’t even properly set you up for the real world.  No amount of school can fully prepare you for things you will experience as an adult.  Especially as a teacher!

Quote 1- I agree with completely with that teachers have a huge effect on their students as learners.  Like Kaileen wrote, “there are no stupid questions”, I think teachers should answer each and every students questions.  Some students don’t get things the first time they are taught.  Personally over my years of school if I didn’t understand something I tended to ask a lot of questions.  When I was in third grade I had a teacher who was an older lady.  I had such a bad experience with her, I didn’t want to go back to school.  I had a hard time trying to enjoy learning when I started fourth grade.
Quote 2-Working in a daycare, I have had somewhat of an experience of working in a classroom.  Each classroom has somewhat of similar rules, but some teachers add a few extra to make their classroom the best it can be.  I can say when I first started working at the day care, if a student wasn’t doing what they were supposed to I would say “ (insert child’s name) is that what were are supposed to be doing?” or “ (insert child’s name) are we using our walking feet?”  Sometimes the child would stop, other times they wouldn’t.  I agree with how Josh said the student might get confused when posed the question.  That’s something I’m going to work on!  
Quote 3- I agree with Kaileen.  Students are taught to be critical thinkers but many have trouble because they don’t eve understand the basic information that they should know in order to think at a higher level.  I agree with both of you about how it connects with Finn and Oakes and the activity we did in class.  Those some of those questions we couldn’t find in the reading, we had to think at a higher level.  I also agree that standardize testing.  Sometimes I believe that schools should just stick to the basics instead of trying to teach students things that are too hard for them to understand.
Quote 4- This quote is crazy but so true.  Walking into our service learning schools, most of us could probably tell that the schools don’t get a lot of money.  My school I’m working in, the teachers don’t even have their own computers.  The student’s computers are somewhat outdated.  The schools could use some fixing up, especially the bathrooms.  Schools in nicer towns most definitely get more money.  Some schools are now supplying their students with laptops that I believe that they will have throughout their years in the school district.  I’m not sure if that comes from school budgets of state money, but that shows them giving better schools new things.  What Josh said about RIC is CRAZY!! I feel like no student can graduate in four years from here without taking a full load of classes over the summer.  I don’t think I will be able to graduate in the time I want to because I wasn’t properly notified that I had a problem with a class for my major.  It stinks when the students in some way get “punished” for not being able to graduate in four years, depending on their majors.

I really like this video I think everyone should watch it!  

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